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July 2010

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nami pissed

The Great Philippine Book Blockade of 2009

Attention to book lovers, has this caught your attention?

For those who do not wish to continue on to the subsequent links, the heart of the matter is this:

The Philippine Bureau of Customs has decided to impose taxes on imported books which, by all means, opposes international treatises such as the Florence Agreement.  The inner hear of the heart:  Added costs on our books? 

*Florence Agreement is this UNESCO agreement to like, spread the love of progressive knowledge and learning through books and other materials, and have this exchange in "free flow" as much as possible. 

Links are as follows:

"The Great Book Blockade of 2009" by Robin Hemly - this is basically the full story.

"The Great Book Blockade of 2009" by Manuel L. Quezon III on the Philippine Daily Inquirer - a shorter version with of course, the columnist's opinions

The following are blogs that reacted to the ones above as well as on the matter itself.

Twilight Coven Philippines on the matter.  Because they can't really help it when everyone's pointing fingers at their well-loved book.

A Charles Tan essay, clarifying things with Mr. Hemly's article.

The Great Philippine Book Blockade of 2009 Fallacies

Robin Hemly Responds to Charles Tan

Sorry for the numerous links.  This apparently tells that I haven't been that much enlightened with the issue, considering I read the the posts so fast.  Please enlighten me as well [and correct if my heart of the matter is not exactly as what I understood it is].